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Lightwave T5, propagation light, 48W

Lightwave T5, propagation light, 48W

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Lightwave T5, propagation light, 6500 K, 48W - for professional growers and all phases of plant growth

The Lightwave T5 is a comfortable, fully pre-mounted grow light fitting and, according to manufacturer Grow Technology, a "revelation in plant production".

With 2 high performance 24 watt tubes and a light spectrum of 6500 Kelvin, the fitting is suitable for all phases of plant production. This is how you can use the Lightwave T5 for the propagation and the cultivation of your plants. You can use the tubes with the appropriate light colour for the flowering period.
The second advantage is that it generates little heat. This means you can mount the fitting near the plants and using very little space. Depending on your requirements you can mount the Lightwave T5 vertically or horizontally.

Experienced growers are particularly enthusiastic about the fluorescent tube fitting. One reason for this is that it is predominantly suitable for use in closed rooms and therefore is perfect for our Grow boxes.

Lightwave advantages at a glance:
- perfect light colour for all phases of plant production
- easy to mount (vertical or horizontal)
- requires only a small amount of space
- generates little heat
- suitable for closed rooms

Lightwave T5, propagation light, 6500 K, 48W

Manufacturer: Grow Technology