Sanlight LED Set 2x EVO 5-120 1.5

  • ideal for open areas of 1.2 x 1.2 m
  • 2x 915µmol/s guarantee a pro setup
  • Set complete with cables, H-distributor and accessories
  • Quality LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor
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Sanlight LED Set 2x EVO 5-120 1.5

  • ideal for open areas of 1.2 x 1.2 m
  • 2x 915µmol/s guarantee a pro setup
  • Set complete with cables, H-distributor and accessories
  • Quality LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor

In addition to two EVO 5-120 1.5s from SANlight, this set comes with the necessary connection cables and an H-distributor for connecting the second lamp. Two practical GrowPRO-ratchet sets for suspension and a Legrand-timer are also included. With the top LEDs of the EVO 5 series, you will soon have lamps with powerful output and all the advantages of modern LED grow lamps in your grow room. As an experienced grower, nothing stands in the way of a professional set-up for your indoor grow and powerful harvests.

Ideal for open areas of 120 x 120 cm and tall plants

If you want to start a grow project in a large grow room with sufficient air conditioning and free growing space, the EVO 5-120 1.5 is the perfect choice. With two lamps on an area of 1.44 square metres, you already exceed the amount of light that your plants can absorb without further support. Here you should already use CO2 supplementation and especially dimmers for the vegetative phase. With the right interaction of all components, however, you then have the possibility of extraordinarily high yields. SANlight does not recommend the use of the EVO 5 series for grow tents. If you still want to try it, you definitely need sufficient experience with the use of extreme amounts of light, the compulsory use of CO2 and the use of dimmers.

Broadband light spectrum and high homogeneity

In the wide-ranging series of tests with fast-growing and light-hungry plants, SANlight determined the ideal broadband light spectrum with exactly the right ratio of Far Red to Red for photo-morphogenesis. The emission wavelength ranges from 400 - 780 nm, with an extremely high efficiency of over 3 µmol/J! This allows you to increase the quantity and quality of your indoor grows. Each individual LED of the EVO 5-120 1.5 is equipped with secondary optics, which not only protect the chip from dirt and oxidation, but also enable extremely homogeneous illumination due to their light-directing properties. In contrast to unprotected LEDs, these optics are easy to clean and thus guarantee flawless operation with very high light output for a long time to come.

Quality LEDs, clever mounting options and dimmability

SANlight has also spared nothing in terms of LED quality. The LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor are particularly robust, highly efficient and have a particularly long service life. SANlight states that the 90 % light output (LM90) is 90,000 hours - a remarkable value! The tilt function (tilted suspension of the lamp) saves a lot of space upwards. You can mount the elongated modules on the side next to the ventilation system. By tilting the lamp, a perfect and homogeneous illumination is nevertheless achieved. Of course, you can also dim the lamps of the EVO series. The optionally available dimmers (magnetic or Bluetooth) work contactless and are therefore wear-free and completely protected from water and high humidity. Thanks to the dimming function, you can easily adapt your new SANlight EVO 5-120 1.5 to all development phases of your plants. Since young plants in particular tolerate much less light than older ones and not as much light is needed during growth as during flowering, you can still illuminate your plants from seedling to harvest with the EVO 5. Dimmed, the efficiency is fully maintained and you save quite a bit on electricity costs.

Scope of delivery:

  • 2x EVO 5-120 1.5
  • 1x H-distributor
  • 1x Omnirex mechanical timer by Legrand
  • 1x Mains connection cable EVO & Q series with 90° angle, 2.1 m
  • 2x extension cable Gen2, 1 m (from H-distributor to lamps)
  • 2x GrowPRO ratchet set, infinitely adjustable

Technical details:

  • Power input: 340 watts
  • Power factor: > 0.95
  • Input voltage: 100 - 240 V
  • Length: 1018 mm
  • Width: 291 mm
  • Height: 112 mm
  • Photon flux density: 915 µmol/s
  • Efficiency: 3 µmol/y
  • Emission wavelength: 400 - 780 nm
  • Weight: 5,6 kg
  • Protection class: IP65
  • max. rel. humidity: 99 %
  • LM90: > 90,000 h

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for growbox area: 120x120cm240x120cm
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