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GrowPRO Easy Rollers set, infinitely adjustable, 2 pieces. GrowPRO Easy Rollers set, infinitely adjustable, 2 pieces.

Price: instead 8,90 €
only 5,34 €
you save 40 % / 3,56 €

19 % VAT incl.

GrowPRO Easy Rollers are an astonishing solution for mounting height-adjustable grow lamps in a grow tent or grow room. The Easy Rollers are simply secured under the lid or on the upper bars of the grow tent, the hanging cable is rolled out to the desired length and set using the adjusting screw.

Rope Ratchet set, infinitely adjustable Rope Ratchet set, infinitely adjustable

Price: instead 9,90 €
only 7,92 €
you save 20 % / 1,98 €

19 % VAT incl.

Anybody who has tried to hang lighting equipment safely and adjustable has surely encountered this problem: The heavier the equipment, the more tricky it is to adjust the height. The Rope Ratchet solves this exact problem.

Black & White Reflective Sheeting 2m, running metre Black & White Reflective Sheeting 2m, running metre

Price: 2,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

Black White Foil improves the light output and ensures that no light penetrates from the growroom.

Euro reflector with E40 socket Euro reflector with E40 socket

Price: from 10,32 €unit price 12,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

Simple euro reflector with e40 bulb holder and luster terminal.

Timer (analogue) Timer (analogue)

Price: 6,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

So that everything more or less runs itself:
The timer for mechanical device control.

This analogue timer is a cost-effective solution for automatically switching small devices on and off, such as extractor fans or ventilators.

Elektrox CFL 6500K growth spectrum, 125W Elektrox CFL 6500K growth spectrum, 125W

Price: 42,50 €

19 % VAT incl.

The energy saving lamp from Elektrox with a light colour spectrum ideal for the plant growth phase is a good addition to any grow room. Whether it?s to be used as the main light source for smaller setups or as energy-efficient lighting for separate zones for cuttings or mother plants.


The sun is shining - the right light is what’s needed!

Since natural sunlight is not available within our grow tents, we have to replace it with artificial light. Familiarise yourself with the preferences and natural needs of the plants you want to grow. Once you know how much and what kind of light your plants need, you can then provide it.

Choosing the right lamps for your plants is essential. It is not just selecting the lamp itself that is essential to providing the right light, but also other factors such as power (wattage) and colour temperature (kelvin). The general rule: The more light that your plants are exposed to in the right colour spectrum, the more efficient photosynthesis will be. And the more efficient this biochemical process is, the healthier, larger and more productive your plants will become. White-blue light waves are particularly suitable for the plant growth phases, whereas a yellow-red light spectrum is recommended for flowering.

What lamps are suitable as plant lighting?

MH, or metal halide lamps, are among the classics of indoor cultivation when combined with high-pressure sodium lights (HPS). Because of their white-blue colour spectrum, metal halide lamps are ideal for the growth phase as well as for seedlings and the cultivation of young plants. With a high proportion of yellow and red light, however, high-pressure sodium lamps are best suited for bringing most cultivated plants through their flowering and fruiting phases. To date, these two lamps are popular light sources that offer high luminosity and a good lighting depth. In addition, they are inexpensive to purchase, which is why cost-conscious growers and beginners alike rely on them. It is important to know that these lamps can generate quite a lot of heat, leading to problems such as heat accumulation and plant burns. But the experienced indoor gardener knows this and usually installs a recirculation fan or ensures more distance between plants and the lamps. Both metal halide lamps and HPS lights require a ballast to start up.

CFL lights (CFL) are available in different colour temperatures. And now there are even dual CFLs that cover both the required necessary colour spectra for growth and flowering simultaneously so that they do not need to be changed. The light output is not as high as it is with metal halide and HPS lamps, but their low energy consumption is an attractive factor. In addition, they are easy to use since they require no ballast and do not get hot!

Fluorescent tubes (FT), also as ready-made fittings, are a popular alternative to metal halide lamps for indoor growing. During the early growth phases and as grow lights for cuttings, they are often far better suited because their light intensity is lower. Further advantages include the lower power consumption and the lower heat generation! The fitting can be positioned much closer above the plant tips, and it is almost unnecessary to extract air as long as some fresh air gets into the grow room.

LED grow lights are undoubtedly the most advanced plant lighting source on the market. Light emitting diodes are durable, energy efficient, low maintenance and provide optimal light without any waste heat. The only downside is their price, which is still much higher than other grow lamps. And because LEDs cost more, many indoor gardeners tend to shy away from them. The investment is nevertheless worthwhile - especially if you intend to grow plants over the long term. In most cases you will have recouped the investment after just one to two years.

Here is how you can increase your light output

Reflectors direct the light emitted by a lamp in all directions to where it is most needed - namely to the plants. Therefore, a good reflector can considerably increase the light output of your lamps. And this means more growth over the long term for the same power consumption.

Day and night in the tent - sensible planning of light cycles

The cycle of day and night can easily be controlled using a timer. This determines almost everything during the life of a plant - including the different growth phases. For example, while orchids prefer a constant day-length (and accordingly grow and flower throughout the year), many cultivated plants (e.g. tomatoes) require changing lighting phases. During the longer days, the plant mainly grows, but flowering and fruiting start when the days get shorter. Once you know the preferences and growth phases of your plants, you can then adjust the light cycle accordingly.

Carefully selected and matched: Complete hardware solutions

Our grow light kits for operating high-pressure sodium/metal halide lamps or CFL lights contain perfectly matched components that allow you to set up complete lighting systems with little effort. Depending on your specific lighting, all the necessary parts (reflector, cable, timer, ballast) are available to ensure smooth operation.

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Flexible moisture-resistant cable 1.5 m Flexible moisture-resistant cable 1.5 m

Price: 3,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

This flexible, moisture resistant cable is well suited for connecting devices that do not require a ballast (e.g. CFL lighting, extractor fans, etc.) to a power source.

Lumatek Electronic Ballast, dimmable, 600W Lumatek Electronic Ballast, dimmable, 600W

Price: from 143,91 €unit price 159,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

The Lumatek 600W electronic ballast from GIB Lighting is considered to be the most powerful, most efficient, and safest electronic ballast on the market. According to the manufacturer, it generates up to 27% higher light output (lumens) with a generally low level of power consumption, and operates silently. Even in long-term operation, the device will only become lukewarm and has an automatic interrupt mechanism for increased safety in case of a short or power surge.

Legrand Omnirex Timer (analogue) Legrand Omnirex Timer (analogue)

Price: 16,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

High-level automated time control.
The Omnirex from Legrand, precision from a leading manufacturer.

Mechanical analogue timer for advanced needs. Precision and reliability are particularly essential for light control. The Omnirex by Legrand meets these requirements. Precise mechanisms, quality materials and solid assembly make these timers a long-lasting accompaniment to your grow room setup.

Elektrox propagation light 2x55W, 6500 K Elektrox propagation light 2x55W, 6500 K

Price: 59,90 €

19 % VAT incl.

The Elektrox cutting fitting provides everything you could wish for: Very easy to operate and more than enough for the plants to be able to thrive.

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Set with heat shield super-spreader, Medium Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Set with heat shield super-spreader, Medium

Price: 89,00 €

19 % VAT incl.

The Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Medium's glass coating increases light reflection by up to 97%. Constructed in the same way as the "Enforcer" model, this reflector illuminates evenly, which enables optimal surface illumination and light output.

GIB Flower Spectre, Xtreme Output, HPS 400W GIB Flower Spectre, Xtreme Output, HPS 400W

Price: 31,99 €

19 % VAT incl.

A cost-effective alternative. The HPS lamp by GIB Lighting.
The 400W Flower Spectre "XtremeOutput" - an efficient model.

The 400W lamp by GIB is particularly popular among beginners and hobby gardeners thanks to its value for money. The phrase "XtremeOutput" refers to the high efficiency value for a 400W lamp. This value indicates how much of the power consumed (W) by a lamp is actually converted into useful light (lm). The GIB Flower Spectre "XtremeOutput" has an astonishing efficiency value of 145lm/W, which is comparable with that of the big name brands.