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Heated propagation mat 35x25cm, 17,5W

Heated propagation mat 35x25cm, 17,5W

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Heated propagation mat 35x25cm, 17,5W

Especially when propagating or when the seedlings are small, cold from below can be dangerous. It can lead to decreased root growth and long-term damage. But the Romberg heating mat effectively prevents that. Simply place the heating mat underneath your propagator and it will ensure an even temperature distribution inside. Depending on the room temperature, it warms your plants from 22 to 25 ░ C from below.   

The heating mat fits under greenhouses with the size 38x24 centimeters. It is insulated and acid resistant. In addition, it is suitable for terrariums. 

Please note
The ambient temperature affects the temperature in the propagator. The heating mat is not designed to compensate extreme temperature fluctuations.

Place the greenhouse and heating mat in a well-light location. The plants do not only love warmth, but also light!

The Romberg heated propagation mats are available in the following sizes:
Romberg heated propagation mat 27x15cm, 10W
Romberg heated propagation mat 35x25cm, 17,5W
Romberg heated propagation mat 55x35cm, 38,5W
Romberg heated propagation mat 60x15cm, 20W

Heated propagation mat 35x25cm, 17,5W

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