Dosing syringe, 10ml

  • Scale with 0.5 ml subdivision
  • ideal for small liquid volumes
  • for dosing pH+/pH-
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Dosing syringe, 10ml

Useful helper for dosing small quantities: The dosing syringe with 10ml volume and 0.5 ml scale.

If even smaller amounts of nutrient solution are to be mixed (e.g., for pH correction products, this can sometimes be useful), the question quickly arises: How do I dose 0.6ml or similarly small amounts as accurately as possible?

The answer lies in this sterile-packed dosing syringe.

How to do it: For example, pre-dilute 1ml of pH Downer with 9ml of water. 1ml of the resulting solution now contains exactly 0.1ml of the pH-Upper. Theoretically, even thousandths of a milliliter can be dosed reasonably accurately this way (1ml addition to 999ml water = 1ml of the resulting solution contains 0.001ml of the addition).

Dosing syringe, 10ml

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