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SANlight Magnetic Dimmer for Q-Serie Gen2

SANlight Magnetic Dimmer for Q-Serie Gen2

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SANlight Magnetic Dimmer

  • Magnetic dimmer for the SANlight Gen2 modules
  • consists of plug and switch
  • can be operated in 4 steps
  • for precise power control

All SANlight 2nd generation LED grow lamps (Q series) are "ready-to-dimm." With this magnetic dimmer you can operate the LED modules on 4 levels: 100% - 80% - 60% - 40%. The dimmer consists of a plug and switch and plugs in on the front of the LED light. You need one M dimmer for each SANlight Gen2 LED grow lamp.

LED display informs about the dimmer setting

The M-Dimmer has 3 green LEDs that indicate the selected dimming setting. With 3 LEDs, the luminaire runs at 100%, with 0 LEDs at 40% of its power. With the dimmer setting, you can very precisely control the input power and power consumption of your SANlight LED Grow lamp. For example, at the 80% dimming level, the lamp consumes exactly 80% of its normal input current.

Activating the sunrise function

The M-Dimmer from SANlight also has a special sunrise function. When this function is activated, the luminaire dims automatically in 5 minutes from 0% to the last dimming setting made. The sunrise function is indicated with an orange LED.

Use instructions:

When activating the sunrise function for the first time, wait briefly until the green LEDs of the dimmer flash and the dimmer has saved the setting.

Technical details:

Packing unit dimensions (LxWxH): 10 x 8.5 x 4 cm

Instruction manual SANlight magnetic dimmer

SANlight Magnetic Dimmer Gen2

Technical information