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Knauf Perlite Peligran Classic, 100 Litres

Knauf Perlite Peligran Classic, 100 Litres

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Knauf Perlite Peligran Classic, 100 Litres

  • Soil improver from the brand manufacturer
  • for optimal aeration
  • high water storage volume
  • increases rewettability

Knauf Perlite Peligran Classic is ideal for finishing a wide variety of substrates. Perlite is extracted from volcanic rock and naturally provides improved aeration of the soil. The porous structure allows for increased water storage volume and accelerated re-wetting when watering. The balanced water balance and better aerated soil improve root formation and the overall development of your plants.

Neutral soil effect

Knauf Perlite is neutral in its effect on the electrical conductivity (EC value) or the pH value of your grow medium. And the addition of Knauf Perlite is also highly recommended when growing clones, as the risk of overwatering is virtually eliminated. With Knauf Perlite, you are guaranteed to create the best conditions for the particularly high-yielding cultivation of vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants.

Include Knauf Perlite in your growing medium.

How to use:

The dosage of perlites can range from 10% to 50% of the growing medium. The amount of perlite to be added depends primarily on the amount of nutrients and supplements used. If you give the plants only a little fertiliser, about 20% perlite in the growing medium is quite sufficient. The perlites then serve to store nutrients and water in the soil.

If larger amounts of additional nutrients and fertiliser are used, it is important to prevent a possible nutrient blockage in the soil. In this case, add up to 50% perlite to the soil in order to effectively drain the medium.

Knauf Perlite Peligran Classic, 100 Litres

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