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Canna Terra Seed Mix, 25 litres

Canna Terra Seed Mix, 25 litres

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Perfect for propagation!

Especially in their first days, seeds need a lot of moisture to germinate. They take their nutrients from the reserves contained within the seeds themselves.

As such, the Terra Seed Mix is perfectly suited for propagation of seeds!

This is because this soil mixture is low in nutrients, yet it can retain more water than other soils thanks to its homogeneous and stable structure.

Instructions for use:
As soon as your cuttings have taken root in the soil, you should re-pot the plant into soil that is richer in nutrients, and fertilise the plant if necessary.

This soil is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, low soil temperatures outdoors can have a negative effect on the germination rate. As such, we recommend that you propagate your cuttings indoors at a temperature of at least 20°C.

For optimal germination at any time of year, we offer a range of indoor grow tents.

Canna Terra Seed Mix, 25 litres

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