Nematoden Steinernema against Fungus Gnats

  • Targeted control: Nematodes of the species Steinernema feltiae are specialised in controlling fungus gnat larvae. Without harming other beneficial organisms or plants - ideal against small flies in potting soil or in flower pots.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe: Nematodes are 100% organic, pose no danger to humans, pets or the environment and offer you a sustainable method of pest control.
  • Easy to use: You can easily use nematodes indoors, in greenhouses or outdoors and they are effective over a wide temperature range.
  • Sustainable protection: Nematodes not only reduce the infestation of fungus gnats, but thereby also prevent secondary problems, such as fungal infestation, which can be promoted by fungus gnat larvae.
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Get rid of fungus gnats - easily and safely: with nematodes Steinernema

A common pest in indoor growing is fungus gnats. If your plants are affected, you must expect high losses in the harvest or even a total loss if you do nothing. The best and at the same time most environmentally friendly control method here is the use of nematodes.

Fungus gnat larvae damage roots and can cause fungal infestations

Fungus gnats lay their eggs in the soil and the resulting larvae feed on the root system of your plants. This massively reduces the uptake of water and nutrients, and often results in roots and plants being attacked by harmful fungi

Nematodes: small threadworms with a big effect

Nematodes of the native species Steinernema feltiae specialise in reproducing in the larvae of the fungus gnat. The nematodes, which are only about 0.8 mm in size, penetrate the larvae and kill them by releasing a bacterium. The fungus gnat larva is then decomposed by the bacteria. Now the nematodes can develop and multiply until the larva is completely digested. Then, up to 4000 constant-larvae set out to hunt for more fungus gnat larvae.

When, where and how can you use nematodes Steinernema against fungus gnats?

Infestation by fungus gnats is most common in indoor grow or greenhouse, where natural enemies are lacking. Nematodes Steinernema you can basically use all year round, but the soil temperature must be at least 8 ° and should not exceed 28 °. The application is uncomplicated with the watering can. To do this, first mix the contents of the package with water, pour into the watering can and top up with more water. Spread this mixture over an area (overdosing is not a problem). Now re-water the area and keep it moist for at least three weeks. Stir solution every 15 minutes.

Important application note: Nematodes are very sensitive to UV. Therefore, apply only in the evening or under cloudy skies and use up the prepared nematode solution within 45 minutes. If you use grow lights, you should use the nematodes Steinernema directly at the beginning of the dark phase.

Fast and long-lasting effect, harmless to humans, animals and plants

The nematodes remain in the soil for several weeks, the highest effectiveness is achieved after about 4 weeks. Already after about 3 days, the first fungus gnat larvae die and turn whitish-yellow. The nematodes are completely harmless for humans, pets and especially for your green pets. Due to the 100% organic use of nematodes, you can successfully and sustainably combat fungus gnats without any pesticides at all and ensure abundant and uncontaminated harvests.

Storage and shipping

Nematodes Steinernema can be shipped unrefrigerated and you can store them at home at 4-8 °C in the refrigerator until the best before date. However, in principle, nematodes are intended for prompt use

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