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BioBizz Pre-Mix, 25 litres dry fertiliser

BioBizz Pre-Mix, 25 litres dry fertiliser

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BioBizz Pre·Mix: First-class organic dry fertiliser.

Pre·Mix combines the properties of many different organic fertilisers, rock meals, trace elements and fungi in the right proportions to guarantee optimal growth, flowering, and the maximum resistance to disease and mould.

BioBizz Pre·Mix can be used as a transplant or starter fertiliser to give the soil or soilless substrate additional nutritional value and microbial life. Blend it with soil or soilless substrate when planting or transplanting.

Use the BioBizz Pre·Mix together with the quality, organic BioBizz Worm Humus in order to enrich your substrate with nutrients.

Note: A proportion of 5% BioBizz Pre-Mix in the plant substrate is sufficient.

BioBizz Pre-Mix, 25 litres

Manufacturer: BioBizz

Usage: organic dry fertiliser