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Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150, 150x150x217cm

Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150, 150x150x217cm

369,90 €

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19 % VAT incl.
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Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150, 150x150x217cm

  • Newly redesigned grow box with reinforced frame
  • Highly reflective interior coating - maximum light output
  • with many practical accessories
  • extra high box for extra large plants

For dedicated growers, the reference series Dark Room from the house of Secret Jardin offers a lot of grow box and accessories at fair prices. With a footprint of 1.50 x 1.50 meters (2.25 square meters), this grow tent offers you enough space for a successful indoor grow. The height was raised to 2.17 meters, so even very tall growing plants have plenty of space. An easy-to-understand assembly instructions is of course included.

Price-effective with well thought-out concept

With the Dark Room series (version 3.00) Secret Jardin has developed a range of grow boxes with a great price-performance ratio for advanced growers. The boxes are solidly made and fulfill all the functions you expect from a modern grow tent. Grow tents of the Dark Room series are of course 100% lightproof and the new 19 mm support tubes hold up to 15 kg payload. The Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150 has one large window in the front and two smaller ones on the sides. The 6 ventilation ports allow you to implement almost any exhaust concept. The hammered interior coating of the Dark Room grow boxes is made entirely of Mylar with a reflectance of up to 95%.

Many accessories included

In addition to the grow box, Secret Jardin offers you with the Dark Room series lots of practical accessories to perfect your grow. Of particular interest are a set of Space Boosters, horizontal poles that prevent the tent walls from bulging inward, and a matching WebIT ( scrog net). CableIT (cable holder), HookIT (lamp holder), StrapIT (filter holder) and PocketIT (tool bag) complete the range perfectly.

Perfect illumination with 4x 250 watt grow lamps


For plant lighting, we recommend a set of maximum 4x 250 watts for this grow box, for example the reliable Elektrox Super Bloom NDL. If you prefer to work with LED grow lights, we advise you to use 3 pieces SANlight Q4WL S2.1 Gen2, with 165 watts each. For ventilation we recommend our perfectly matched ventilation set 570 silent including a powerful tube fan and matching activated carbon filter for NDL or the ventilation set 250 ECO for LED.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 150 cm (width) x 150 cm (depth) x 217 cm (height)
  • Volume: 5.3 m
  • Weight: 18.2 kg


  • 6x openings 280 mm for exhaust / supply air
  • 3x openings 75 mm for cables
  • 3 mounting rods
  • 2x grilled supply air window (20 cm x 30 cm)
  • WT 150 Watertray (insert tray)
  • 1x WebIT 150
  • 1x pair HookIT
  • 15x CableIT
  • 1x StrapIT
  • 1x Space Booster
  • 1x PocketIT


  • Mylar 210D (sides)
  • Q195 steel bars 19 mm, galvanized
  • Load capacity: 15 kg

Secret Jardin Dark Room DR150, 150x150x235cm

Technical information