Gronest Fabric Pot, 15 litre

  • with air permeable walls
  • 24,5 x 24,5 x 25 cm
  • prevents rotational root effect
  • good oxygen supply
  • promotes branched root system
  • better climate for microorganisms
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Gronest Fabric Pot, 15 litre

In traditional plant pots, the roots will sooner or later grow towards the impenetrable pot wall, and are therefore forced to grow circular. This phenomenon is known as root circling, and weakens the plant in the long term, as it is unable to form a healthy root system.

The Gronest fabric pots have penetrable walls. When the roots grow through them, the roots that are exposed to the air wither in a natural way. The plant then begins to form many delicate, fine roots, and this creates a healthy, well-ramified root system.

The porous fabric ensures sufficient aeration and oxygen supply for the substrate and the roots. This aeration doesn?t only ensure healthy roots, but also encourages helpful microorganisms and bacteria to make a home for themselves in the substrate.

Gronest Fabric Pot, 15 litre

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die haben sich gedanken gemacht mit den topfmaßen.
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die haben sich gedanken gemacht mit den topfmaßen.

top material und maße weil cannabis ein pfahlwurzler(tiefwurzler ist) sind diese töpfe besser als der gewöhnliche stofftopf der meistens für tomatenpflanzen gemacht ist.

5 from 5

hab schon viele rezensionen gelesen und ich kann mich dem nur anschliessen. ein genialer topf der den pflanzen wurzeln gut tut.

Total entries: 2
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