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Sanlight LED Set 1x EVO 4-120

Sanlight LED Set 1x EVO 4-120

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Sanlight LED Set 1x EVO 4-120

  • Two EVO 4-120 are ideal for areas of 120 x 120 cm
  • in set with mains connection cable and magnetic dimmer
  • Only 250 watts power consumption with 696 µmol/s light output

If you want to illuminate an area of 120 x 120 cm for a high-yield grow, you should choose two EVO 4-120. For cuttings and young plants, you will have enough light with just one lamp. If you choose a set-up with two of these extremely powerful LEDs, you can provide your protégés with a total of 1392 µmol/s light output. That's a lot of light on 1.44 square metres - but your plants can still process it without additional CO2 and produce rich harvests. Nevertheless, you should reduce the amount of light for cuttings and young plants - with the waterproof magnetic dimmer included in the set, this can even be done continuously. A suitable cable with a 90° angled plug is included for connecting the lamp to the mains.

Broadband light spectrum and high homogeneity

In the wide-ranging series of experiments with fast-growing and light-hungry plants, SANlight identified the perfect broadband light spectrum with just the right ratio of Far Red to Red for photo-morphogenesis. The emission wavelength here ranges from 400 - 780 nm, with an extremely high efficiency of over 3 µmol/J! All this allows you to increase the quantity and quality of your indoor grow yields. Each individual LED of the EVO 4-120 is equipped with secondary optics, which not only protect the chip from dirt and oxidation, but also enable extremely homogeneous illumination due to their light-directing properties. In contrast to unprotected LEDs, these optics are easy to clean and thus guarantee flawless operation with high light output for a long time.

Quality LEDs, clever mounting options and dimmability

SANlight has also spared nothing in terms of LED quality. The latest OSRAM High Power LEDs are used for the Red and Far Red LEDs, while chips with Seoul Semiconductor's patented WICOP technology are used for the white LEDs. These LEDs are particularly robust, highly efficient and have a particularly long service life. SANlight states that the 90 % light output (LM90) is 90,000 hours - a remarkable value! The tilt function (tilted suspension of the lamp) saves a lot of space upwards. You can mount the elongated modules on the side next to the ventilation system. By angling the lamp, perfect illumination is still achieved. Whether it's a grow tent at home or a professional cultivation - every grower will benefit from this.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x SANlight EVO 4-120
  • 1x mains connection cable EVO & Q series with 90° angle, 2.1 m
  • 1x SANlight magnetic dimmer EVO-Series Gen2
  • 1x GrowPRO Rope Ratchet set

Technical details:

  • Power consumption: 250 watts
  • Power factor: > 0.95
  • Input voltage: 100 - 240 V
  • Length: 1018 mm
  • Width: 291 mm
  • Height 116 mm
  • Photon flux density: 696 µmol/s
  • Efficiency: 3 µmol/y
  • Emission wavelength: 400 - 780 nm
  • Weight: 5.1 kg
  • Protection class: IP65
  • max. rel. humidity: 99 %
  • LM90: > 90,000 h

Sanlight LED Set 1x EVO 4-120

Technical information