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Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit LED XS, Lumatek ATS (Attis) 200W

Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit LED XS, Lumatek ATS (Attis) 200W

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Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit LED XS, Lumatek ATS (Attis) 200W

  • dimmable full spectrum LED ATS 200W with 460 Ámol/s
  • 60 x 60 cm grow space - ideal for beginners
  • Grow tent from GrowPRO, our own quality brand
  • Includes exhaust kit and essential accessories

The Low Budget Grow Set LED GrowPRo XS is especially suitable for beginners in indoor growing and people with little space. Despite the compact size of the box, you will be able to enjoy abundant harvests - and that with modern, energy-saving LED technology!

Solid quality: Growbox XS by GrowPRO

You can always find a suitable place for the GrowPRO 3.0 XS with its square base area of 60 x 60 cm (0.36 sqm) and a height of 160 cm. It shines with high-quality materials, a stable frame, high PAR reflection values of the white inner surfaces, robust zips and quick assembly.

Full spectrum grow LED from Lumatek

The square shape of the Lumatek Attis 200W makes it ideal for illuminating small grow boxes. Thanks to the modern LED technology, you save a lot of electricity compared to conventional lamps and have no problems with hotspots and waste heat. The Lumatek Attis is a full-spectrum LED that is very suitable for all development phases of your plants. In addition to the white LEDs, Lumatek also installs deep-red and far-red LEDs for improved growth and flowering behaviour. The Attis 200W operates completely without noise (passive cooling) and can be dimmed in five steps between 20% and 100%. This allows you to perfectly adapt the power to cuttings, growth and flowering phase. With its 200 watts and a PPF of 460 Ámol/s, it is more than adequately dimensioned for the area of 60 x 60 cm.

Matching fan set for odour-free exhaust air and important accessories

Of course, the XS set also includes a matching exhaust air set. The Prima Klima activated carbon filter in front of the Ventilution in-line fan ensures that no annoying odours from the grow box escape to the outside. And so that you can get started straight away, there is also an Omnirex timer, a thermo & hygrometer, a cable ratchet set and a 2-stage clip fan from GrowPRO.

This Set contains the following items:

Low Budget Grow Tent Complete Kit LED XS, Lumatek ATS (Attis) 200W

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