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Homebox Q120 Ambient, size: 120x120x200 cm

Homebox Q120 Ambient, size: 120x120x200 cm

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Formerly known as the Homebox XL, now also available in beige. Ample space for up to 36 young plants.

The Homebox Ambient Q120 is the favourite of hard-working gardeners, as it can be used for all phases of a plant?s growth cycle. This tent is most often used for cultivating with a high pressure sodium lamp. It?s hard to believe but you can fit up to 36 young plants in this extremely effective grow tent. Nothing performs like a 600-watt HID grow light housed in a HOMEbox Ambient Q120 grow tent! It?s all thanks to the PAR+ super reflective inner lining. Plants develop faster and produce more flowers and fruit because more plant-usable light is directed at the canopy. The crop quality is also remarkable due to less heat build-up (the #1 cause of low crop quality.) The result is an incredibly efficient growing chamber that still only takes up 1.44 m2 of floor space!

Size when assembled: 120x120x200 cm

Growing surface size: 1.44 m2

Homebox Q120 Ambient

Manufacturer: Eastside Impex

Dimensions: W=120cm, D=120cm, H=200cm
Area: approx. 1.44 m2

- Removable, water-resistant flooring
- Solid base attached to the tent with a zip all the way around

- Tubes:
 +100 mm: 1x rear, 1 x left side, 1x right side
 + 160 mm: 1x rear, 1 x left side
 + 200 mm: 1x right side, 1 x left side
 + 250 mm: 1 x roof
- OmniFlow air vent: 2 x diameter 250mm (right and left)

- 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen
- Total-Blackout Zippers
? light-proof zips

- Maximum Capacity: 75 kg