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Hesi Starter-Set Hydro, hydroponic nutrients kit

Hesi Starter-Set Hydro, hydroponic nutrients kit

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Hesi Starter-Set Hydro, hydroponic nutrients kit

  • Complete fertilizer set for hydro systems
  • Effective nutrients for all growth phases
  • Vigorous plants, high yields
  • attractive price advantage in the set

With this fertilizer complete set you get a real all-round carefree package for indoor grow in hydrosystems. The liquid fertilizers from HESI are scientifically proven and thanks to their easy handling also very suitable for beginners. HESI is one of the most experienced manufacturers of grow fertilizers and is now active worldwide.

The HESI Starter Set Hydro consists in detail of the following components:

HESI Root Complex 0.5 l

Strengthens the root zone and thus the resistance of your plants. Improves nutrient uptake and activates beneficial organisms in the growing medium. Dosage: 50 ml/ 10 l water

HESI Hydro Growth 1 l

High quality growth fertilizer specially optimized for hydro systems. Enriched with vitamins, complex vital substances and beneficial bacteria.

HESI Hydro Bloom 1 l

Perfectly adapted to the flowering phase of the plant and sufficient in the first weeks of flowering for the complete supply of all necessary nutrients.

HESI PK 13/14 500ml

Blooming supplement for the increased needs of flowering plants for phosphorus and potassium.

HESI Super Vit 10 ml

Specially developed active ingredient concentrate to improve plant metabolism. HESI Super Vit contains 25 plant-active vital substances and stimulates the production of growth and flowering hormones.

HESI Power Zyme 0.5 l

Enzyme preparation to keep the substrate clean. Plant debris is broken down to glucose and serves as a nutrient for plants.

HESI Boost 100 ml

New flowering booster for additional stimulation of plants at the beginning of the flowering phase. The plant develops increased side shoots and becomes overall bushier.

Scope of delivery:

includes HESI dosage table

Hesi Starter-Set Hydro, hydroponic nutrients kit

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