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Growbox GrowPRO S, Grow Tent Set, LED 128W

Growbox GrowPRO S, Grow Tent Set, LED 128W

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Growbox GrowPRO S, Grow Tent Set, LED 128W

  • compact 80x80x180 box for reliable yields
  • powerful LED grow light from Greenception
  • Attractive price advantage compared to the individual components
  • cost-effective indoor grooving through LED technology

If you want to operate your indoor grow with trend-setting LED technology, then our Low Budget Growbox complete set LED GrowPRO S is exactly the right thing for you. This set contains perfectly coordinated components such as the compact grow tent of our own brand GrowPRO with 0.64 sqm growing area (0.80 x 0.80 m), a Greenception GC-4 with 128 watts and an exhaust air set including activated carbon filter. Of course, the necessary hose clamps, a flexible hose, rope pull ratchets and a timer for the installation and reliable operation of exhaust air and lamp are included. An easy to understand and illustrated assembly instruction makes the assembly easier for you.

Growbox GrowPRO 3.0 S

With the Growbox we do not make any compromises in terms of quality! It is the basis of a successful indoor grow and was developed further in cooperation with you, our customers. All boxes of the GrowPRO 3.0 series have a very robust frame with stable upper beams on which you can hang your equipment safely. The GrowPRO 3.0 S growbox has a PAR reflection value of up to 98% due to the white inner coating and at the same time is almost lightproof. We have also improved the zippers, the outer skin is made of robust nylon in 600D strength and the light-coloured material also conducts infrared radiation better than black boxes. All in all, a top class growbox with which you will have a long time pleasure.

Greenception GC-4 - compact LED multi-talent

If you want to operate your indoor grow sustainably and with significantly reduced energy costs, there is no way around LED grow lamps. Greenception has developed the GC-Series, a plant lighting system that gives you the possibility to cover every growth phase of your protégés for a high yielding grow. With the GC-4 you can switch three different LED clusters individually and thus influence the colour spectrum and performance. When all modules are used at the same time, the Greenceoption GC-4 has an output of 128 watts and replaces a conventional sodium vapor lamp with 250 watts. This saves considerable energy costs in the long run! The LED Grow lamp emits significantly less heat and there are no hotspots that can damage your plants. Even in warmer environments the ideal temperature in the growbox can be maintained more easily. Due to the use of COB chips, the emitted light appears predominantly white. This makes it easier for you to check your plants for pests or deficiency symptoms.

Effective exhaust air system

To create a good climate for your plants in your grow tent, we have put together a powerful exhaust air set. The combination of an activated carbon filter from PrimaKlima with the Ventilution Mixed In-Line fan provides sufficient exhaust air without any unpleasant odours. The fan has a capacity of 145 or 178 m³/h and is perfectly dimensioned for the GrowPRO 3.0 Growbox S.

This Set contains the following items

Growbox GrowPRO S, Grow Tent Set, LED 128W

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