GrowPRO 3.0 XXL LED Grow Set + 4x EVO 4-120 1.5

  • perfectly matched components
  • Latest LED series from SANlight
  • Significant price advantage in a set compared to individual purchase
  • high PPF of 725 µmol/s per lamp
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GrowPRO 3.0 XXL LED Grow Set + 4x EVO 4-120 1.5

With the GrowPRO XXL complete set LED you get the maximum grow space at home! 240 x 120 cm offer you plenty of growing space and with four SANlight EVO 4-120 1.5 your plants will definitely not lack light. The set also includes a powerful 2-stage fan with matching activated carbon filter and aluminium flex hose for the exhaust air, 4 infinitely adjustable cable ratchet sets for hanging the lamps and a mechanical timer for light control. So nothing stands in the way of a successful indoor grow. 

GrowPRO 3.0 XXL Growbox

The grow boxes of our own brand GrowPro are consistently developed in terms of quality and functionality to offer you as a dedicated grower the maximum value for money. All grow boxes in the 3.0 series are equipped with a very robust 600D nylon fabric. The highly reflective interior coating has a PAR reflectance value of almost 98%, is easy to clean and prevents light or odours from leaking out. The GrowPro XXL 3.0 has a particularly stable inner frame on which you can easily hang lamps, fans and air filters. The zippers have also been upgraded compared to the previous series and are now even more robust and lightweight. All vents for exhaust and supply air are sensibly placed and with its white design, this grow box fits into living spaces much more discreetly and unobtrusively than most black boxes. With the GrowPro XXL 3.0 you get a top growbox that will allow you to grow successfully for many years to come.

EVO 4-120 1.5 from SANlight - the latest LED technology at its finest

The EVO 4 series from SANlight impresses with top values in light output and efficiency. With values of >3 µmol/J and a PPF of 725 µmol/s, this grow lamp clearly plays in the upper league of LED lamps. The EVO 4-120 1.5 has been optimised in its dimensions and the beam angles of the individual LEDs so that 240 x 120 cm grow spaces can be perfectly illuminated with four lamps. Designed as a full-spectrum grow lamp with Far-Red and emission wavelengths of 400 - 780 nm, the EVO 4-120 1.5 is suitable for the complete grow - from seedling to rich harvest. Each LED has a secondary optic, which on the one hand protects the chip from dirt and corrosion, but on the other hand also enables a very homogeneous light distribution. With the optional magnetic dimmer you can adjust the intensity of this lamp to the respective development phases of your plants and thus achieve even better results with your yields in addition to saving electricity costs. SANlight guarantees an output of at least 90 % even after 90,000 operating hours - a service life that is impressive.

Reliable exhaust system with activated carbon filter

Since no indoor grow can do without exhaust air and odour filtration, we have put together a powerful exhaust air system tailored to the size of your new grow box. The activated carbon filter from Prima Klima filters all stagnant odours out of the exhaust air and powerful fans from Prima Klima ensure sufficient air flow to regulate the climate in the GrowPro XXL 3.0. Depending on your needs, you can operate the fan at two different power levels.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x GrowPRO 3.0 grow box XXL, 240 x 120 x 200 cm
  • 4x SANlight EVO 4-120 1.5, 265 watt
  • 1x Ventilation Kit 800 PRO, grow room ventilation & carbon filter
  • 1x Legrand Omnirex timer, mechanical
  • 4x GrowPRO cable ratchet set, continuously adjustable

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Lighting Brand / Type: SANlight Grow Sets
Growbox Space: 240x120cm
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