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Canna Coco Professional Plus, 50 litres

Canna Coco Professional Plus, 50 litres

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Canna Coco Professional Plus: Coco coir substrate - 100% organic and guaranteed R.H.P quality.

Canna Coco Professional Plus is a pure, organic product with a homogenous structure and comes fully buffered. Buffering eliminates all of the side effects that can occur when cultivating in coco coir, like the coco coir consuming the nutrients intended for the plant, for example.

Canna Coco Professional Plus consists of 100% coco flakes. Specially selected prime Indian coconuts form the base for Canna Coco Professional Plus. Not touching the outdoor ground in the complete production process ensures the end product is free of weeds or soil diseases. Washing in fresh water means no salts are present. The R.H.P. inspection is not limited to the finished product but covers the sourcing and processing of raw materials all the way to the bag.

Note: Canna Coco Professional Plus carries the strictest R.H.P. quality mark.

Canna places their reputation on the promise that this coco substrate is free of viruses and disease. Many years of experience and the unique production process means that Canna substrates are highly popular among many hobby gardeners. Canna Coco Professional Plus contains a special mould (Trichoderma) that protects the plants against soil diseases.

Tip: Canna Coco Professional Plus can be used a number of times and makes an excellent potting mix improver after use.

Canna Coco Professional Plus, 50 litres

Manufacturer: Canna

Weight: approx. 17kg