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CO2 Tabs Extra Slow, tub with 60 tablets

CO2 Tabs Extra Slow, tub with 60 tablets

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The natural photosynthesis booster: CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most important substances for plant nutrition; alongside light and water it is essential for photosynthesis. During daylight hours, CO2 is filtered out from the air through openings on the underside of the leaf. As the natural atmosphere contains only a very low proportion of CO2, you may be able to see signs of a CO2 deficiency in greenhouses or grow tents with an insufficient supply of fresh air, which can inhibit healthy plant growth.

CO2 tablets not only tackle this effect, but can even create a CO2 content in the air of the grow environment that is beneficial to plant growth. This leads to lusher leaf growth, which in turn significantly increases the plant's ability to produce sugar for the flower or fruit formation process.

CO2 Tabs Extra Slow are designed to release their CO2 content slowly and evenly to the surrounding environment. Simply place a CO2 tablet in a bowl of water in the morning and place among the plants. The extractor fan should be set at the lowest setting possible while still maintaining the desired temperature, so that the CO2 given off by the tablet is kept in the grow area for as long as possible.

Warning: Danger of injury! Never use this product in poorly-ventilated spaces or rooms that are occupied by people. CO2 is toxic in high concentrations and can lead to a loss of consciousness or suffocation. Only enter the greenhouse or grow area that the product has been used in after it has been sufficiently aired out. Leave the room immediately if you experience any light-headedness and ensure there is ample ventilation.

Tip: Contrary to the instructions on the packaging, Growmart advises you not to add this product to the irrigation water, but instead as described above: place in a separate water bowl among the plants. As CO2 is heavier than air, you must ensure sufficient air circulation so that the CO2 doesn't accumulate near the ground, but is instead mixed in among the rest of the air in the room.

CO2 Tabs Extra Slow, tub with 60 tablets

Manufacturer: GIB Industries

Delivery contents: Container with 60 tablets

Weight: approx. 150g