Blumat self-watering system, 3m, for up to 12 plants

  • Currentless irrigation for up to 12 plants
  • especially reliable for indoor & outdoor
  • affordable set price with matching tank
  • ideal for balcony boxes and medium grows
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Blumat self-watering system, 3m, for up to 12 plants

The Tropf-Blumat 3 m set includes everything you need to water 12 plants, including a matching 47 liter tank. Usually one Tropf-Blumat is used per plant or per pot up to 25 cm in diameter. This set is also great for watering 3 balcony boxes up to 1 meter long. The Blumat system works completely without electricity and is therefore extremely reliable - even for weeks if necessary. The only requirement is a sufficiently large tank. This must be at least 50 cm higher than the drippers per 5 meters of hose. With a pressure reducer available as an accessory, you can also connect the irrigation system to the house water pipe. Tip: This set is perfect for plants and pots of different sizes! Each dripper delivers precisely the required amount of water for your plants in the pot.

Scope of delivery:

  • 12x drip blumat
  • 1x supply hose 8 mm / 7 m
  • 1x elbow
  • 1x end piece
  • 1x hose branch
  • 1x hose connector
  • 1x T-piece
  • 1x high tank connector
  • 1x matching tank (47 liters)

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Tropf-Blumat Operating Instructions

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