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AutoPot easy2grow self watering system, 12 x 15L

AutoPot easy2grow self watering system, 12 x 15L

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AutoPot easy2grow self watering system, 12 x 15L

  • "all-inclusive watering kit"
  • with new AQUAvalve5
  • low-maintenance top-of-the-line irrigation system
  • completely powerless and water-saving

The unique easy2grow irrigation system from Autopot is now also available in a wide variety of set sizes with the new, once again improved AQUAvalve5! With its enlarged valve diameters, it is even less prone to clogging and also allows the use of almost all organic fertilizers. As usual, the easy2grow irrigation set works completely without electricity and timer. Thus, it is not only ideal for your indoor grow, but can also be used reliably outdoors. The tank only needs to be slightly higher than your plants, the rest is done by gravity and the sophisticated AQUAvalve5. Due to the large tank, AutoPot's easy2gow system is also well suited for vacation watering. It perfectly mimics the natural dry and wet cycle, ensuring excellent nutrient delivery. The result: healthy plants and abundant harvests. Set-up and operation are extremely simple. The set includes all the parts you need for an immediate start. You can easily expand your new irrigation system with additional elements - almost indefinitely. You may only have to adjust the tank size at some point. You can also combine easy2grow with 1Pot at any time, e.g. if you need larger distances between plants. Both systems work with 16 mm and 9 mm line diameter, respectively.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 100 L flex tank
  • 6x 2-pot tray with cover
  • 12x 15 L pot
  • 6x Aquavalve5
  • 1x 16mm water tap
  • 12x Pot Sock
  • 12x Marix Disc
  • 1x 3 m hose 9mm
  • 1x 3 m hose 16mm
  • 1x 16mm click-fit tank adapter with filter
  • 3x 16/9mm cross connector

Instruction AutoPot easy2grow 12Pot System

AutoPot easy2grow self watering system, 12 x 15L

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