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Ventilation Kit Silent Digital 680 Temp.

Ventilation Kit Silent Digital 680 Temp.

499,00 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
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Extraction Kit Digital EC 680 m3/h + Temperatur Controlled

  • Extremely quiet ventilation kit for grow tent and grow rooms
  • Modern and powerful 680 m3/h EC-fan
  • Very low operating costs
  • Precise output control via the climate controller

The Digital 680 temperature-controlled ventilation kit with a PrimaKlima 125-EC blue extraction fan (flow rate up to 680 m3/h) operates extremely quietly, efficiently and with maximum precision. The electronically commutated (EC) motor of the PrimaKlima 125-EC blue is based on the latest EC technology and is therefore considerably quieter and more energy-efficient than conventional electric motors. The higher acquisition cost will pay for itself through cheaper energy bills even in the shorter term. Electronically commutated fans also require very little maintenance.

Percentage-accurate control via the controller

The fan is controlled by the PrimaKlima climate controller EC Temp RJEC. This module can be used to adjust the output of the fan to an accuracy of one percent according to the temperature.?The practical one-button operation enables the fan speed (max/min), the target temperature as well as the current temperature to be easily read and set.

The EC Temp RJEC climate controller has an approx. 180 cm long temperature sensor, so that the values can also be easily checked and corrected from outside the grow room or grow tent if necessary. The controller regulates the fan in automatic mode according to the preset values.

Perfect combination in an extraction kit

The Digital 680 ventilation kit is the best exhaust air combination for medium to large grow tents. The kit is also perfect for use in smaller grow tents. The high-performance fan can then at a low level with minimal noise here. This means that it can be operated at a low output even on smaller installation areas with extremely low noise levels.

Extraction Kit Digital EC 680 m3/h + Temperatur Controlled

PrimaKlima tube fan 125 EC-blue 680 m3/h (RJEC)

  • Connection flange: 125 mm
  • Voltage 230 Volt
  • Consumption: 0 - 170 Watt
  • Air flow rate 680 m3/h
  • Working temperature: max 42 °C
  • Size: 244 x 244 mm
  • Weight: 2,42 kg
  • Controller connection: RJ45 RJEC Compliant

PrimaKlima Climate controller EC Temp RJEC

  • Voltage: 5V
  • Amps: 3mA
  • Output voltage: 0 - 10 Volt
  • infinitely dimmable from: 0 - 100 %
  • Adjustable temperature range: +10 bis +50°C
  • Protection class: IP34
  • Material: plastic
  • Länge Temperatursensor: ca. 180 cm
  • Connection: RJ45
  • The scope of delivery includes an RJ45 network cable (5 metres long) for connection to an EC fan.