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ThermoLux heat mat 45x65 cm, 40W

ThermoLux heat mat 45x65 cm, 40W

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For powerful sprouting of the roots:
Therapeutic warmth for delicate young plants.

Heat for growth from the power mains - the quality product among heat mats! ThermoLux is a long-standing, reliable manufacture of heat mats, well known in the area of aquaria, terraria, and indoor gardening.

You can use this 45x65 cm heat mat to protect plants and cuttings from getting cold - a phenomenon that impedes root formation and can therefore lead to an overall slower development process in the young plant.

The ThermoLux 40W heat mat is waterproof and can be placed directly in or under a propagator for cuttings, for example, in order to evenly distribute stimulating warmth.

Note: Never bend or fold the heat mat, do not use as a heating ceiling! Uncovered and at room temperature (20°C), the mat can reach surface temperatures of around 36-42 °C. In covered environments or when placed into soil, the mats can even reach temperatures of over 50 °C. You must test the device before using it for extended periods to ensure that enough residual heat can escape. Where possible, only operate periodically (not continuously) using a timed switch. Depending on how it is used, it may also be used in conjunction with a temperature regulator.

ThermoLux heat mat 45x65 cm, 15W

Manufacturer: ThermoLux

Dimensions: W= 45 cm, L= 65 cm
Output: 40W
Voltage: 220-240V, 50 Hz??

Surface temperature at room temperature (20°C) without cover: approx. 36-42 °C

Weight: approx. 1050g