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Secret Jardin DF16 Light Baffle Mesh

Secret Jardin DF16 Light Baffle Mesh

8,90 €

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Secret Jardin DF16 Light Baffle Mesh

  • Fits perfectly for DF16 Ducting Flanges
  • Filter keeps out insects and dust
  • prevents light from leaking

If you want to install Secret Jardin Ducting Flanges DF16 (for 16 mm rods) in your grow box to use them as air intakes, you should definitely prevent coarse dust and especially insects from entering the box. You can solve this problem in seconds by inserting a DF16 Light Baffle into the flange. At the same time the leakage of light is prevented.

Super fast installation, reliable function

The light and insect screen fits exactly into the DF16 Ducting Flange and only needs to be plugged in. It snaps firmly into place, prevents light from leaking out and effectively stops insects on their way into the box and to your delicate charges with the filter mesh inside. Secret Jardin - perfect material for your indoor grow!

Secret Jardin DF16 Light Baffle Mesh

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