Scrog-Net 60x60 cm to 120x120 cm

  • Easy to use
  • for higher yields
  • maximum area utilization
  • made of 100% natural rubber
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Scrog net 60x60cm to 120x120cm: The Screen of Green method has never been easier!

The Screen of Green (ScroG) method is an advanced growing technique. By directing all of the energy to the main buds, the plants are able to develop to their full potential.

This method is aided by our Scrog net, which is placed between the plants and the plant lights and acts as a horizontal growth aid. The net is made of one hundred percent natural rubber and is elastic. It has a mesh size of about 20 centimeters and is suitable for rough boxes with a size of 60 by 60 up to 120 by 120 centimeters. The net serves as a support and fixation point. Plants can grow along it and be "held back" by it. This keeps the leaves down and the buds have the opportunity to unfold massively above it and get as much light as possible.

The scrog method is especially wonderful if you are short on space, because it allows you to control the height of the plants.

For this growing method, one to five plants per square meter is a suitable number. Place the scrog net at a height of 20 to 60 inches above your plants, depending on the plant variety. Keep the plants under the net until they are two weeks into flowering. Then let them grow through the net, making sure the flowers get enough light. If necessary, it is advisable to remove some leaves.

Scrog-Net 60x60 cm to 120x120 cm

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hängt dieses scrog netz in euere growbox und ihr werdet genauso zufrieden sein wie ich. hält die pflanzen wunderbar auseinander.

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