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Sanlight M-Dimm EVO-Serie Magnetic Dimmer

Sanlight M-Dimm EVO-Serie Magnetic Dimmer

29,90 €

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Sanlight M-Dimm EVO series dimmer magnetic

  • Dimmer for EVO 3, EVO4 and EVO 5
  • Contactless dimming - no wear
  • 100% waterproof

If you want to dim your lamp of the EVO series by SANlight, you need this magnetic dimmer. Thanks to its contactless function, there is no wear on sensitive potentiometers and corrosion due to water and humidity is no longer a danger with this dimmer. SANlight recommends dimmers especially for the extremely powerful EVO 5 models, but the use of a dimmer often makes sense even for the smaller models. In the vegetative phase, the plants do not need as much light as later during flowering, and for very young plants, too much light is even harmful. So this dimmer allows you to have gentle lighting at the beginning of your indoor grow, while still saving electricity, and a high light output towards the end for fat flowers and lush harvests.

Sanlight M-Dimm EVO-Serie Magnetic Dimmer

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