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S&P mixed-flow duct fan TD350/125, ultra-quiet

S&P mixed-flow duct fan TD350/125, ultra-quiet

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The super-quiet superfan - the sound-absorbent duct fan from S&P.

The Ferrari among fans - with the crucial difference, that where the Italian sports cars can be rather noisy, here the precision motor works in almost complete silence!

The TD-350/125 is a high-performance duct fan with astonishing performance values. It stands out thanks to its clever and elegant design, which allows you to remove the entire motor unit from the wall bracket with little effort, and the cable port can also be flexibly repositioned to suit your personalised setup.

However, the TD-350/125 doesn?t just look good on the outside. Its patented, double-walled housing is home to an efficient sound-absorber, that makes the device practically inaudible, even at full power (> 35 dBA, which is roughly equivalent to the volume at which you hear yourself breathe!). As is, the TD-350/125 can be operated at two output levels, but it can also be controlled via an external climate controller (either analogue or digital).

With a power consumption of 30 or 22W (depending on the output level), this technical masterpiece achieves a flow volume of up to 380 m3/h (280 m3/h at the lower output level). This exceptional level of efficiency is attained thanks to the semi-radial fan technology.

The bracket for mounting the fan on a wall or ceiling also functions as a connector for the ventilation ducting, and you have the option to connect a carbon filter, with the help of a fast clamp. Unlike other wall mounting brackets, this one can even be used in a grow tent, where it can simply be "strapped" beneath the upper rod with cable ties or mounting belts.

Warning: The device must not be grounded!

Note: Power cable not included in delivery contents! Moisture-resistant cables (min. 3x 0.75mm2) with shock-resistant sockets are required for operation.

Note: The performance values of the fan stated here could potentially be reduced when using a carbon filter. This is to be expected and is not considered to be a defect.

S&P mixed-flow duct fan TD350/125, ultra-quiet

Manufacturer: Soler & Palau

Connector diameter: 125 mm
Adjustable: Yes, 2 speed levels, can be selected via cable.
Output: 22W / 30W
Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
Current: 0.1A / 0.13A
Flow volume: 280/380m3/h
Sound pressure level: >35dBA / >30dBA

Delivery contents:

1x S&P mixed-flow duct fan TD350/125, ultra-quiet
1x screw set for optional wall mounting

Weight: approx. 2kg

Note: Cabling work is required. It should only be connected by an authorised specialist. The legal requirements (VDE guidelines) must always be met. CRP Import Export GmbH accepts no liability and provides no warranty coverage for damages to objects and persons caused by improper connection.

Warning: The device must not be grounded!