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Puffco Peak PRO Travel Pack, Yellow

Puffco Peak PRO Travel Pack, Yellow

34,90 €

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Puffco Peak PRO Travel Pack, Yellow

  • Oculus Carb Cap
  • Backpack for tools
  • Mouthpiece and protection for the Chamber / Carb Cap
  • Holder for the Carb Cap
  • Color: yellow

When you go on tour with your Puffco Peak PRO, the Travel Pack offers you some particularly practical accessories. In addition to an Oculus Carb Cap with a viewing window, you also get a practical mouthpiece that enables a more comfortable head position when inhaling. Furthermore, a small backpack is included in the Travel Pack; it is hung over the glass body and offers space for your dabbing tools. The Chamber Jacket is particularly useful with the attachment loop for the Oculus Carb Cap. On the one hand, the valuable chamber of your Peak Pro is protected and on the other hand, the Carb Cap cannot fall down accidentally. The Chamber Jacket also allows you to use another Carb Cap. All parts are made of 100% silicone and are dishwasher safe.

(The Peak Pro itself is for display purposes only and is not included in the delivery)


Puffco Peak PRO Travel Pack, Yellow

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