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Propagator, 38x24x17 cm

Propagator, 38x24x17 cm

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A safe home for young plants, cuttings, and seedlings.

This practical mini-greenhouse offers enough space for 20 small peat or coco pots and provides a climate makes cuttings and seedlings feel right at home. This makes it an irreplaceable piece of equipment for anybody hoping to cultivate healthy, strong cuttings or seedlings.

The transparent roof lets a lot of light in while conserving air humidity. The small valve on the roof allows you to regulate the supply of fresh air in order to control the microclimate even more closely.

The base unit has two ridges to collect excess irrigation water so that the little pots don?t get wet feet.

Propagator, approx. 38x24x17 cm

Manufacturer: n/a

Dimensions: W= 38 cm, L= 24 cm, H= 17 cm

Weight: approx. 350g