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Plagron Grow-Mix, 50 litres with perlite

Plagron Grow-Mix, 50 litres with perlite

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Plagron Grow-Mix with perlite, 50 litres:

The ever-popular luxury soil from Plagron in a 50-litre bag. The Plagron name stands for perfectly-balanced substrates of the highest class, which can significantly help to make cultivating most plants as worry-free as possible!

The selected quality peat types, which are combined with a special mixture of special fibre types and perlite to create a combination of nutrient levels and water retention ability, while maintaining a high level of air and hydrogen, which is only seen in the Plagron quality substrates.

The Grow-Mix is a lightly-fertilised soil mixture and is best suited for nearly all fast-growing cultivated plants.

The fertiliser in this growing medium consists of a clever selection of nutrients, which provides the plant with everything it needs for the first three weeks. Not just for beginners, Grow-Mix forms the basis for optimal growth and impressive blooms!

Technical information:

Manufacturer: BioBizz
Container size: 50 litres

Black peat
White peat
Fibrous peat
Worm humus
Mineral-based NPK fertiliser (12-14-24)

pH value: 5.5-6.9
EC value: 1.2-1.6

Usage: Peat-based soil substrate, suitable for almost all plants.