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Neudorff Soil pH Testing Kit for 8 tests

Neudorff Soil pH Testing Kit for 8 tests

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For simple, safe measurement of the soil pH value: The soil testing kit from Neudorff.

Soil testing kit for easy and accurate measurement of the pH value of the soil (e.g. to determine if there is a need for lime). Based on a colour reaction, even non-chemists can carry out this test in a matter of minutes.

The kit includes a simple table to show how much lime is needed. Knowing the pH value of the soil used is one of the first steps to ensuring good soil quality, as the pH value influences the solubility (and therefore availability) of the various fertiliser substances.

If too little is dissolved, the nutrients are not available to be absorbed by the plant. It too much is dissolved, it can lead to accumulation of toxic metals and other problems.

Tip: Mildly acidic soil (pH 6-7) facilitates metabolic activities in the soil and therefore improves the plant nutrition.

Neudorff Soil pH Testing Kit for 8 tests

Manufacturer: Neudorff

Delivery contents: ?Testing kit for 8 tests.

Contents:? 8 soil pH testing tablets?
1 probe?
1 bottle of distilled water ?
1 information sheet