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Jojo suspension roller for top-heavy plants, 1 unit.

Jojo suspension roller for top-heavy plants, 1 unit.

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Plant support that changes with the needs of the plants.

Small, but strong. This sophisticated Jojo easily suspends and/or supports heavy blossoms or fruits. Simply hang it above the plant, pull out the practical hook and hook under the top-heavy plant to support it!

The practical advantage over other support options: As the plant grows, you can simply roll the Jojo in a little, and the support will be elevated in line with the growth of the plant! Unlike with conventional support methods, the light pulling effect of the Jojo distributes the strain on the stem evenly, instead of making it bear all of the weight at the point where the support is attached.

A practical aid for friends of fast-growing, particularly abundant or climbing plants.

Note: when reusing the Jojo, place it in alcohol solution (50-70%) in its entirety for 5 minutes in order to avoid passing on any pests, bacteria, or fungal spores to the next plant. This method is still advisable even if the previous plants did not show any signs of infestation; the infestation may have occurred too soon before harvesting (i.e. during the flowering or fruit formation stage) for any visible symptoms to have formed, and there may still be residual eggs/spores present that could damage the next plant.

Jojo suspension roller for top-heavy plants, 1 unit.

Manufacturer: n/a

Delivery contents: 1x Jojo suspension roller

Weight: approx. 20g