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Jiffy peat pellets, 100 pieces.

Jiffy peat pellets, 100 pieces.

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Peat pellets are perfect for germinating seeds.

The popular peat pellets by Jiffy in a value pack: Jiffy peat pellets offer the ideal environment for cultivating seedlings or cuttings thanks to their quality, nutritious peat. When the root formation becomes visible after around 1-3 weeks, the Jiffy can be planted in a conventional plant pot. Best for young plant cuttings which are to be cultivated in soil.

Tip: Put an individual Jiffy in water and let it soak for around 5 minutes. Before introducing the seedling or cutting, excess water should be removed from the Jiffy by applying light pressure.

Technical information:

Manufacturer: Jiffy

pH value: 5.5
Diameter: approx. 3.6cm, approx. 4cm when saturated

Quantity: 100 pellets.
Weight: 1.25kg