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Hesi Boost, 1 litre  bloom supplement

Hesi Boost, 1 litre bloom supplement

12,90 €

12,90 € per 1l

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Activator for a magnificent flowering phase. Foliar feeding for a healthy plant with juicy fruit. 

Hesi Boost is a new bloom supplement and complements the well-known product range. This fertiliser provides the optimal conditions to get the flower blossom off to a good start. The additional stimulation of the plant means that more side shoots will develop. The reduced spacing of the lateral shoots will make the plant bushier. When the plant is just starting to bloom, it is given a good foundation for lavish fruit formation.

Note: This fertiliser is highly concentrated! A litre of Hesi Boost is enough for up to 500 litres of water. For 10 litres of irrigation water, 20ml of Hesi Boost is sufficient. 

Note: Hesi Boost can also be used for foliar feeding. For foliar feeding, spray the leaves but leave out the blossom.

Hesi Boost, bloom supplement, 1 litre:

Manufacturer: Hesi

Usage: Bloom supplement to activate and stimulate the flowering phase.

Suitable growing media: All growing media.

Composition (N-P-K): 0-1-1

Composition (Manufacturer?s analysis):

Trace elements: 

Phosphorus (P2O5) water-soluble 1%
Potassium (K2O) water-soluble 1%
Fruit extracts
Fruit enzymes such as galactol
Plant sugar such as maltose and alginic acid
Magnesium (Mg)
Calcium (Ca)
Iron (Fe)

Container size: 1 litre
Weight: approx. 1.08kg