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Heated propagator, 60x40x25 cm

Heated propagator, 60x40x25 cm

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Rapid and healthy propagation all the year round

This heated Propagator 64/50 allows you to grow seeds and cuttings even under problematic external conditions. The Propagator 64/50 offers excellent insulation and a high heat output (50 watts). These features enable soil temperatures of up to 30 °C inside the Propagator 64/50. This means that propagation can be accomplished successfully even in cold houses at temperatures of 0 °C. The temperature inside the Propagator 64/50 can be precisely adjusted and controlled using the included plug-in dimmer.

The Propagator 64/50 is very sturdy and with its well-insulated outer container ensures that the heat is only conducted into the interior of the propagator. The transparent cover closes neatly while providing the best possible light. The hood has a slight curvature and is pulled through at the edge into the cultivation vessel. Dew drops produced during the growing process do not fall back onto the seed and are instead collected in the container at the edge. The integrated ventilation slides enable convenient, additional adjustment of temperature and humidity.

With its high quality components, the Propagator 64/50 is an easy-to-install and durable propagator system for the growing phase.

Heated Propagator 64/50, 60x40x25 cm

Width: 60 cm
Length: 40 cm
Height: 25 cm
Heating system: 50 watts
Waterproof inner container made of polypropylene