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Grow equipment Accessories Set

Grow equipment Accessories Set

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Grow equipment Accessories Set - Beginners

The perfect supplement to our grow hardware kits. From "ventilation" to "fertiliser", this set contains solutions for the most common needs of a grow room / grow tent. The individual highlights:

The small but powerful fan provides air circulation within the grow tent. Pointed directly at the plants, it stimulates strong stem growth, and therefore ensures strong, load-bearing characteristics in the plants.

The digital hygro-thermometer by Ventilution has two measuring points. As such, the recorded values can be viewed from outside the grow tent.

The ADWA AD11 electronic pH meter enables the gardener to maintain the a pH range in the irrigation water that is ideal for the plants. Including everything needed to calibrate and care for the ADWA AD11, the set also includes a pH Down to correct the measured values as needed, and because in many countries, the tap water is generally "too hard" (high pH value), applying a pH Down alone is sufficient in 90% of cases.

Last, but not least, the set also includes two other aids that are indispensable in any grow room. A measuring cup for accurate dosing of fertilisers, as well as ergonomic trimming scissors, which enable precise cutting or trimming of plants.

Technical information

Manufacturer: ADWA, Ventilution, GIB Industries, and others
Weight: 3.3kg

Delivery contents:

Digital hygro-thermometer with save function and 2 measuring points
Clip-on fan, 18cm 15W, 2-level fan with a clip for attaching

ADWA AD11, pH tester, pH value/temperature
GHE pH Down, for correcting pH values, 0.5 litres

GIB Industries pH4-PRO pH-buffer solution, 4 pH 300ml
GIB Industries pH7-PRO pH-buffer solution, 7 pH 300ml
GIB Industries KCL-Pro storage solution for pH electrodes, 300ml

Measuring cup, transparent, with raised scale, 100ml, 2ml increments
Trimming scissors, narrow tips, ergonomic.