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Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XS + 1x EVO 3-60

Grow Tent Complete Kit LED GrowPRO XS + 1x EVO 3-60

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HOMEbox Q60+ LED Silent Grow Set + 1x EVO 3-60

  • Top SANlight LED light with a PPF of 520 Ámol/s
  • Successful growing in the smallest of spaces
  • Significant price advantage compared to individual components
  • with matching exhaust system

Highlights of this complete set are a compact HOMEbox Ambient grow box, the cutting-edge EVO 3-60 LED grow lamp with 190 watts and a matching exhaust system. It is perfect for indoor growers with very little space, but who still want to grow successfully. As always, all components in the set are neatly matched and of very high quality. In addition to the grow box, LED lamp, activated carbon filter and fan, you also receive a Legrand Omnirex timer, a practical ratchet set from GrowPro (infinitely adjustable), a flexible aluminium hose, the necessary hose clamps and a connection sleeve. So you can get started straight away and soon enjoy high yields and, thanks to advanced LED technology, low energy costs too.

HOMEbox Q60+

There are a number of arguments in favor of the modern grow boxes from Homebox. The plant tents from Homebox are absolutely opaque and allow the user an optimal air flow and climate control. With the PAR+ interior coating made of "intelligent" material developed exclusively for Homebox, the greenhouses achieve unprecedented reflection values. Plants receive more growth-promoting energy (PAR light) and less heat.

EVO 3-60 from SANlight - the latest LED technology at its finest

The new EVO 3 series from SANlight impresses with top values in light output and efficiency. With values of >3 Ámol/J and a PPF of 520 Ámol/s, this grow lamp clearly plays in the upper league of LED lamps. The EVO 3-60 has been optimised in its dimensions and the beam angles of the individual LEDs for grow spaces of 60 x 60 cm and therefore fits perfectly in this set.

Designed as a full-spectrum grow lamp with Far-Red and emission wavelengths of 400 - 780 nm, the EVO 3-60 is suitable for the complete grow - from seedling to rich harvest. Each LED has a secondary optic, which on the one hand protects the chip from dirt and corrosion, but on the other hand above all enables a very homogeneous light distribution. With the optional magnetic dimmer you can adjust the intensity of this lamp to the respective development phases of your plants and thus achieve even better results with your yields in addition to saving electricity costs. SANlight guarantees an output of at least 90 % even after 90,000 operating hours - a service life that is impressive.

Reliable exhaust system with activated carbon filter

Since no indoor grow can do without exhaust air and odour filtration, we have put together a powerful exhaust air system tailored to the size of your new grow box. The activated carbon filter from PrimaKlima filters all annoying odours out of the exhaust air and the S&P TD250 Silent fan fan provides enough air flow to regulate the climate in the grow tent well.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x Homebox Q60+ Ambient, 60x60x160cm
  • 1x SANlight EVO 3-60, 190 watt
  • 1x S&P duct fan TD250/100, ultra-quiet
  • 1x PrimaKlima carbon filter 240 m3/h, diameter 100 mm
  • 1x Legrand Omnirex timer, mechanical
  • 1x GrowPRO cable ratchet set, continuously adjustable
  • 1x Phonic Trap Acoustic Ducting, 3 metres, ° 102mm
  • 2x universal hose clamps, 60-165 mm

HOMEbox Q60+ LED Silent Grow Set + 1x EVO 3-60

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