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Grodan SBS Propagation Cubes 25/150, plastic tray

Grodan SBS Propagation Cubes 25/150, plastic tray

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Grodan SBS Propagation Cubes for cuttings 25/150, including plastic tray 

The practical set that gives your plants' lives a good start in Grodan rockwool propagation cubes. You can insert up to 150 Grodan growing cubes (25mm) into the plastic tray. The tray has openings on the underside, which allows moisture to be absorbed and excess water to be drained. Grodan Rockwool Cubes can also be used without the tray, in principle. However, the tray is an effective measure for ensuring that the roots protruding from the cubes are not exposed to too much light or air!

The set includes 150 propagation cubes which you can plant a cutting or seedling straight into right away. The rockwool cubes each have a diagonal length of 25 mm, so that they can be replanted (when the roots start to show) into Grodan Delta cubes with suitable 25mm holes. Simply remove the propagation cube from the tray and carefully place into the prepared Grodan Delta cube. Replanting has never been so easy!

Note: Grodan?s rockwool products are a fantastic growing medium for hydroponic systems. The rockwool retains a lot of moisture, while still ensuring that enough air reaches the roots. The Grodan product series is especially well-suited for drip irrigation systems, as long as there is sufficient drainage in place.

Technical information:

Manufacturer: Grodan

Plastic tray with 150 propagation cubes diameter: 25 mm