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GIB Industries pH4 pH-buffer solution, 300ml

GIB Industries pH4 pH-buffer solution, 300ml

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Buffer solution for calibrating electronic pH meters.

This buffer solution is an indispensable accessory for operating an electronic pH meter.? Without regular calibration, the measured pH values can sometimes differ considerably. To calibrate the pH meter, the measuring electrode is submerged in a small amount of pH-4 buffer solution, and the calibration function on the measuring device is activated.

Most pH meters also allow an optional ?one-point? or ?two-point? calibration, and the latter achieves more accurate results.

The product is delivered in light-proof packaging.

Note: The product ?pH-7-Pro pH-buffer solution? is also required for two-point calibration.

GIB Industries pH4 pH-buffer solution, 300ml

Manufacturer: GIB Industries

pH value: 4.0
Contents: 300ml

Weight: approx. 330g