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Emiko sugar cane molasses, 1.3kg

Emiko sugar cane molasses, 1.3kg

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Emiko sugar cane molasses, 1.3kg

  • for the recovery of activated microorganisms (EMa)
  • ecological soil additive for professional applications
  • supports root formation, germination and fruit set

Emiko's sugar cane molasses is used in conjunction with EM1 to obtain activated microorganisms (EMa) through fermentation.
. With a suitable fermenter, water and Emiko sugar cane molasses, larger quantities of EMa can be produced independently and cost-effectively and used, for example, in professional plant cultivation.
The molasses has a high sugar content and a very high proportion of valuable minerals. This makes it the ideal feed for the Effective Microorganisms.
Like EM1, EMa is an ecological soil additive and effectively promotes root formation and germination, flowering and fruit set. Composting is also accelerated by EM1 and EMa respectively.

Generation of EMa through fermentation

  • Fill the fermenter halfway with hot water.
  • Stir in 3% of the sugarcane molasses until it is completely dissolved.
  • Fill the fermenter with cold water until the mixture reaches a temperature of 35 - 40 °C.
  • Add 3% of EM1 and mix the contents of the fermenter thoroughly.
  • Fill the fermenter to the brim with 35 - 40 °C warm water.
  • Close the fermenter and connect it to the heater. Set the heater to 34 °C.
  • For fermenters with fermentation bung: fill with water up to the mark.
  • Place the fermenter in a warm place for 7 days.

The EMa obtained in this way should have an pH value of less than 3.6 and smell sweet and sour. If white flakes appear on the EMa, this is yeast and is a sign of a successful EMa.
Ideally, the HS fermenter should be placed on a Styrofoam plate and wrapped in a blanket. This reduces temperature fluctuations as much as possible and saves electricity.
To prevent overheating, the heating rod must never be covered.

A subsequent, further propagation of EMa is not possible. Further multiplication would in turn change the composition of the micro-organisms and correspondingly lose effectiveness.


  • Molasses are subject to variations in density. Depending on the delivery and batch, a litre of sugar cane molasses can have weight differences of up to 500 g. Accordingly, the filling level in the containers can vary greatly.
  • The quantity required to obtain EMa is therefore given in grams.
  • EMa is not suitable for human consumption.
  • The commercial sale of EMa is prohibited by the licensor, as the quality of the EMa cannot be assured.
  • EMA obtained by fermentation must be stored in a cool place and under exclusion of air. The shelf life is approx. two weeks.

Emiko sugar cane molasses, 1.3kg

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