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EM1 Effective Microorganisms, 500ml

EM1 Effective Microorganisms, 500ml

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EM1 Effective Microorganisms, 500ml

  • ecological soil additive
  • promotes natural soil life
  • supports root formation, germination and fruiting
  • for all types of useful and indoor plants

EM1 is a special preparation for inoculating the soil with a mixture of beneficial and naturally occurring microorganisms (MO.).
Its main purpose is to improve soil quality and help root formation, germination and flowering, fruit set and plant maturation. In addition, EM1 accelerates the decay-free decomposition of organic material in the soil or on the compost.
EM1 Effective Microorganisms are not genetically modified and occur in exactly the same way in nature. They consist mainly of lactic acid bacteria, yeast bacteria and a small number of photosynthetic bacteria.

Balance in the microbial milieu

The idea for the development of EM1 Effective Microorganisms in Agriculture came from Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa of Ryukyu University on Okinawa in Japan.
Prof. Higa divided the microorganisms into three different groups. On the one hand dominant, regenerative microorganisms, on the other hand dominant, degenerative microorganisms. As a third group, he recognised the so-called opportunistic microorganisms, which join the dominant microorganisms in the microbial milieu.
Against this background, pests and diseases are more likely to be due to an imbalance in the microbial milieu. EM1 Effective Microorganisms restore this balance in the soil and lead to a sustainable improvement in plant health.
EM1 Effective Microorganisms improve the physical, chemical and biological condition of the soil.

Original product for the production of EMa

By fermenting EM1 with sugar cane molasses, larger quantities of EMa (Effective Microorganisms, activated) can be produced. In this way, larger quantities of effective microorganisms can be produced for professional applications.

Instructions for use of EM1 Effective Microorganisms

  • Before use, dilute EM1 with water in a ratio of 1:50. 20 ml to 1 l of water.
  • Always make EM1 watering solution fresh and use within 24 hours
  • Indoor plants or balcony and tub plants: every 4 weeks 20 ml EM1 per litre of watering
  • Lawn and ornamental beds: min. 3 times a year 200 ml EM1 with 10 l water per 10 sqm
  • Vegetable beds: min. 5x a year 200 ml EM1 with 10 l water on 10 sqm
  • Regularly spray with the same dosage
  • Prevent pest and fungal infestation: spray with a dosage of 100 ml EM1 to 10 l water before flowering


  • Because it is a living product, EM1 may expand in the container
  • The formation of white yeast flakes is a natural quality characteristic
  • EM1 has a brown colour and smells aromatically sweet and sour
  • If the colour and smell change significantly, EM1 should no longer be used
  • EM1 has a pH value of 3.2 to 3.5. EM1 should not be used above a pH value of 4
  • Do not ingest EM1. Keep out of reach of children and pets
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EM1 Effective Microorganisms, 500ml

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