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Canna pH Down Citric Acid, 1 litre

Canna pH Down Citric Acid, 1 litre

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For gentle reduction of the nutrient solution?s pH value.

A suitable pH value is a basic requirement for the plant to be in the position to absorb any nutrients whatsoever. The pH value may fluctuate more frequently in recirculating systems. As such, you should regularly test the pH value of your nutrient solution and keep it as stable as possible.

If there are unwanted increases in the pH value, the plant?s metabolism is to blame: It causes substances to be secreted via the roots, which can alter the pH value in the nutrient solution. Fast-growing plants in particular give off more basic substances during the growth phase, which can lead to an increase in the nutrient solution?s pH value.

If the pH value is too high, you can easily regulate it using Canna pH Down Citric Acid. This product contains pure 50% citric acid and can be used instead of products containing nitric or phosphoric acid. Our advice is that it?s best to apply this product during the flowering phase. The product is also suitable for flushing.

Dosage: Add 2 ml of Canna pH Down Citric Acid to 10 litres of water. Stir well and then measure the pH value. If the desired level of acidity has not yet been reached, you can simply repeat the process.

When using Canna pH Down Citric Acid, please monitor the nutrient solution tank regularly, as the citric acid unfortunately creates the perfect environment for bacteria and mould. Store the product safely in a dark, frost-free place and out of reach of children.

Note: recommended pH value: 5.2 to 6.4

Canna pH Down Citric Acid, 1 litre

Manufacturer: Canna

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Canna pH Down Citric Acid, 1 litre

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