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CO2 Bag carbon dioxide bag

CO2 Bag carbon dioxide bag

19,90 €

available now Delivery Time: 3-5 Days

19 % VAT incl.
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CO2 Bag carbon dioxide bag

  • easiest application
  • To increase the CO2 content in the grow box
  • enables higher light levels
  • stimulates growth and flowering

With the CO2 Bag you have the possibility to significantly increase the CO2 content in your grow box. Especially if you work with strong light sources, the amount of CO2 may otherwise not be sufficient and your plants may not be able to fully use the amount of light offered.But an increased CO2 content is also very useful for your indoor grow. Since carbon dioxide is urgently needed for photosynthesis and plant metabolism, the CO2 Bag carbon dioxide bag creates good conditions for increased nutrient uptake, better growth and more vigorous flower development. Even slightly higher temperatures are no longer a problem for your plants with the supplementation of CO2. The CO2 Bag carbon dioxide bag is therefore a perfect way to significantly increase the quantity and quality of your harvest.

How to use:

The CO2 bag provides enough CO2 for about 1-3 months for grow boxes with an area of about 5-6 mē. The bag should hang above the plants and preferably in front of an air circulation fan (CO2 sinks to the bottom, but should be well distributed). As soon as your plants develop the first leaves, you can use the CO2 bag.

CO2 Bag carbon dioxide bag

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