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BioBizz Worm-Humus, 40 litres

BioBizz Worm-Humus, 40 litres

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BioBizz Worm-Humus: 100%-organic compost. First-class vermicast fertiliser.

According to the manufacturer, BioBizz, this Worm-Humus is completely organic and guaranteed to be free of farmyard waste and landfill waste. Worm humus from BioBizz is a purely natural product and serves to improve the soil quality. The positive enzymes and bacteria really work wonders. The nutrients are immediately available to the plant. Using worm humus can reduce the required amount of mineral fertiliser. Overfertilisation with organic worm humus is not possible.

BioBizz Worm-Humus as a growth-inducing nutrient composition and provides the ideal conditions for lavish, magnificent blooms. 

Tip: The manufacturer recommends a mixture of 20% BioBizz Worm-Humus and 80% BioBizz Worm-Humus All- or Light-Mix 

BioBizz Worm-Humus, 40 litres

Manufacturer: BioBizz

Container size: 40 litre