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Bio Hesi Bloom, 1 liter bloom booster

Bio Hesi Bloom, 1 liter bloom booster

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16,90 € per 1l

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Bio Hesi Bloom, 1 liter bloom booster

  • for the flowering phase
  • 100% natural, vegan and sustainable
  • based on plant extracts
  • N-P-K: 4-2.5-5

Bio Hesi Bloom is a fertiliser especially for the flowering phase of your plants. It is based on the highly successful concept of Hesi Bloom Complex, but is 100% organic and vegan - so you can fertilise with a clear conscience as far as the environment and your health are concerned.

Sustainable fertilising for powerful buds

Because of its composition of plant extracts, Bio Hesi Bloom is much gentler than conventional mineral fertilisers. Nevertheless, you achieve a very powerful and sustainable fertilisation. Your plants can develop very strong and densely growing buds that are bursting with aromatic terpenes.

N-P-K in the right ratio - from pure plant extracts

Bio Hesi Bloom contains N-P-K in a ratio of 4-2.5-5. This combination is ideal for the nutrient requirements during the flowering phase. Because Bio Hesi Bloom can be absorbed particularly quickly, the nutrients move quickly to the places where they are needed - the flowers! Compared to Bio Hesi Grow, the phosphate content is significantly increased, which enables the plants to form expansive inflorescences and gives you lush yields in the end.

Suitable for all growing methods and substrates

Whether you are growing in soil, coco or with a hydroponic system, indoors or outdoors, Bio Hesi Bloom is ideal. Bio Hesi Bloom can even be used successfully in vertical gardening. Because this fertiliser does not crystallise like some mineral fertilisers and does not contain large suspended particles, it does not clog drippers or micro nozzles.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x organic Hesi Bloom, 1 litre

Technical details:

  • N-P-K: 4-2.5-5

Bio Hesi Bloom, 1 liter bloom booster

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