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Axial Fan Silent, 100 m3/h, 100mm

Axial Fan Silent, 100 m3/h, 100mm

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Axial Fan Silent, 100 m3/h, 100mm

  • Quiet and reliable axial fan
  • For growbox supply air and exhaust air
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • for small rooms and medium growboxes

Growbox ventilation quietly get to grips with

This quiet fan is suitable for controlling supply and exhaust air in small rooms and small to medium-sized grow tents. At the heart of the Silent Line Axial 100 from Ventilution is a solid and energy-saving ball bearing motor. The fan also has an overheating protection so that an overload of the motor cannot occur.

Easy installation, perfect climate

The axial fan is very easy to integrate into the Grow Tent through a cable gland. It guarantees the best possible ventilation and runs extremely quietly. Depending on the installation and the direction of the air flow, it ensures reliable ventilation or deaeration of the Grow Box. You need a separate power supply (e.g. a flexible damp room cable) to connect the fan.

Fits all (flexible) plastic ventilation pipes

The low-noise Ventilution Silent Line Axial Fan 100mm is compatible with flexible ventilation lines and PVC pipes. Its relatively low power makes it a good choice for very small rooms or small to medium sized grow boxes. For larger aeration or deaeration tasks, we recommend our tube fans.

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Axial fan Silent, 100 m3/h, 100mm
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Technical data:

  • Manufacturer: Ventilution
  • System: supply air, exhaust air
  • Ĝ: 100 mm
  • Loudness: 25 dBA
  • Delivery volume: 100 m3/h
  • Power consumption: 7.5 W
  • Rotations per minute: 2,100 rpm

Axial Fan Silent, 100 m3/h, 100mm

Technical information