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AutoPot easy2grow 4x x15L

AutoPot easy2grow 4x x15L

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Plant care without a power supply or any additional devices with the easy2grow self-watering system

The 47-litre tank only has to be filled with water and any additional ingredients of your choice every few weeks, and enables the creation of a water flow using its own pressure. The patented AQUAvalve therefore gives plants the ability to independently control the supply, which ensures the optimal wet-dry cycle and is a good imitation of nature.

In short, you can say that the system runs itself and you don?t need many devices or any power at all in order to achieve the best results.

The system (2 pots) can be used for all kinds of greenhouse plants and can be expanded to up to 6 pots. The extension kits are connected using the tee pieces included. If 6 pots aren?t enough for you, you can also combine several 47 litre tanks and pots.

Included in the set:
1x AutoPot easy2grow tank (47 litres) with lid and 9mm rubber seal
2x AutoPot easy2grow AQUAvlve5
1x AutoPot golf filter, 9 mm for 30 and 47 litre tanks
2x AutoPot easy2grow 2-pot extension kit

Tip: The tank must be positioned at least 15 cm above the level of the highest AQUAvalve. The tank should also always be re-filled as soon as the liquid level has dropped to a third of the total tank volume.

AutoPot easy2grow self watering system, 4 x 15L

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