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AutoPot FlexiPot System 2 x 20L

AutoPot FlexiPot System 2 x 20L

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AutoPot FlexiPot System 2 x 20L

  • Newest development in the AutoPot series
  • Breathable pots for accelerated growth
  • completely electricity-free irrigation
  • absolutely reliable and extremely low maintenance

In the innovative FlexiPot system, AutoPot combines its thousandfold proven watering mechanism that works without any electricity, with completely newly developed pots. The walls of the pots are designed to be slightly porous - as soon as the root tips reach the porous outer area, they stop growing because they come into contact with the air. As a result, secondary roots with a very fibrous structure develop at this point, allowing for improved absorption of water and nutrients. In addition, the well-known problem of twisted roots is prevented. The porous material of the FlexiPots also allows a better gas exchange of the substrate, thus accelerating the overall growth. Of course, all materials of the AutoPot products are free of lead and BPA.

Long-lasting, reliable and power-free

The clever FlexiPot irrigation system consists of purely mechanical components, making it completely currentless and particularly reliable - especially important for indoor growing. Due to the currentless and water-saving operation, the AutoPot systems not only work very sustainably, but you can also use them outdoors without having to pull annoying cables. The large tank allows you to be away for longer periods of time and only needs to be slightly higher than your plants. The water reaches the trays by gravity alone. The AQUAvalve5 valves installed there imitate nature's wet and dry cycle, which is particularly beneficial for healthy plant development and thus ultimately leads to higher yields. Due to the robust mechanics and the large valve bore, the AQUAvalve5 function extremely reliably. They tolerate most organic fertilisers and require no maintenance other than a simple cleaning between two grows.

Complete set with expansion potential

In addition to pots, trays and valves, the FlexiPot irrigation set includes all necessary accessories such as hoses, connector, filters and stopcocks. If you want to expand your grow later, you can simply add new elements (up to the capacity limit of the tank). You can even integrate the easy2gow system from AutoPot here, the hose diameters of both systems are the same (9 mm / 16 mm).

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 47 litre tank with lid and 9 mm gasket
  • 1x 9 mm Golf filter
  • 1x 9 mm cross connector
  • 2x 1Pot XL tray and cover
  • 2x Aquavalve5
  • 2x 20 litre FlexiPot
  • 2x 9 mm tap
  • 1x 2 m pipe 9 mm
  • 2x FlexiPot PotSock

AutoPot FlexiPot System 2 x 20L

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