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ADWA conductivity meter set, AD31 + Accessories

ADWA conductivity meter set, AD31 + Accessories

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The professional conductivity meter, ADWA AD31 in a set with calibration and cleaning solutions.

The ADWA AD31 is a professional, totally waterproof, digital measuring device for determining electronic conductivity values. It measures the conductivity value while compensating for temperature and displays the measured values in micro Siemens (µS) or TDS (ppm).

The EC value determines the electrical conductivity of the irrigation water and helps to draw conclusions about the amount of minerals dissolved in the water.

This information is important to enable the optimal nutrient uptake for the plant. As such, the EC value should always be in the optimal range for the plant, because this is the only way to ensure that all necessary nutrients and trace elements are absorbed from the growing media.

The conductivity meter set comes with a bottle of EC 1.4-Pro calibration solution and HLC-Pro cleaning solution, so that you can maintain accurate results in the long term.

ADWA conductivity meter set, AD31 + Accessories

Manufacturer: Various

Delivery contents:

1x ADWA AD31, conductivity meter / thermometer.
4x button cell batteries, 1.5V

1x GIB Industries HCL-Pro cleaning solution for electrodes, 300ml
1x GIB Industries EC 1.4 calibration solution, 1413 µS/cm, 300ml

Technical information ADWA AD31:

EC value measurement range: 0 to 3999 ?S
TDS measurement range (ppm): 0 to 2000 ppm
Temperature measurement range: -5° to 60°

EC value accuracy: +/- 2% f.s.?
Temperature accuracy: 0.5 °C / +/- 1 °F

Weight: approx. 900g